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About us

“ Nothing brings people together like good food “

Our journey roots back to our grandparents in the  1960’s from a small kitchen in Jaffna Sri Lanka , serving traditionally cooked dishes.

Today we are proud to announce our very first restaurant open in Harrow, London.

Serving  you , Amma’s  original recipes, using only freshly blended  ingredients and aromatic Jaffna spices

Our aim is simply to serve you the original flavours of Srilanka on your experience at Amma’s.

We would love to invite you over to Amma’s to share our passion for food with you.

Thank you for your interest.

#ammas #sapadu

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Amma's Restaurant

We at Amma’s are happy to serve you with the most finest Srilankan recipes! Reserve your seat now for a hassle-free dinner.

We are located at,

200b Alexandra Avenue

Email :
Phone : 020 8869 0602

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